• The WHO’s Fair Pricing report fails to adequately understand global public interests in medicines like sofosbuvir, and the importance of Ramsey pricing in facilitating fair access to innovative medicines.

  • Capitol building in Washington

    An American bill that would allow certified wholesalers, pharmacies and individuals to import qualifying prescription drugs from licensed Canadian sellers could potentially destabilize the Canadian system. It could also generate serious safety concerns for U.S. patients.

  • Thanks to clinical trial research, more people with mesothelioma are living longer and enjoying better quality of life. Researchers hope to soon discover a combination of drugs and therapies to effectively manage mesothelioma and keep it under control. 

  • Medical progress marches forward because clinical research is a venture that encourages daring and risk and does not fear or punish failure.  Drug discovery may be the highest risk venture in the world. By its very nature it produces far more failures than successes.

    For patients around the world, the successes of medical research are saving and changing lives. There are dramatic improvements in cancer survival; HIV/AIDS is no longer a death sentence; Polio is almost eradicated. Still for all the progress there is much yet to be done in treating, managing and preventing disease.

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    The India Alliance of Patient Groups and the Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease are proud to co-host an online Question and Answer session that will examine key issues in healthcare in India from the patient perspective. Joining us will be a panel of experts from The International Alliance of Patients Organizations and the Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease. Submit your questions and join the discussion Jan 14, 10 AM New York, 3 PM London, 8:30 PM New Delhi.